Digital Methodology

Design thinking= user experience: design thinking (in relation to the digital design and planning fields) can be defined as the process of matching a user’s needs with what is technologically feasible for the purpose of creating customer value.  It involves investigating poorly defined problems, gathering information, analyzing knowledge, and posting solutions that will improve a customer’s experience. As marketers, a user-centric focus is at the core of any digital platform design.

Marketing as service: marketing in terms of service design methodologies refers to the process of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, and communications of the “service” in order to improve the quality of interaction between the company and the customer. In other words, it involves understanding the motivations of customers and designing the service to fulfill their needs in a way that is user-friendly and relevant.

Agile method: The agile-scrum method is an approach to project management, typically regarding software development. This method helps teams react to the unpredictability of building software through incremental, iterative work modules known as sprints.

Scrum method: Scrum is an incremental agile software development method utilized for managing application development. This method requires a completely transparent list of upgrades or any correction demands necessary. The process involves frequent, iterative developments at a constant rhythm of 2-4 weeks along with daily meetings, planning meetings, work review meetings, and retrospective meetings.

Ideation: Ideation is an integral part of the design process, involving the generation, development, and communication of new ideas. To put it simply, ideation is a form of brainstorming that can be visual, concrete, abstract, etc.

Iteration: Iteration (particularly regarding agile software development) is a single development cycle, typically measured in one or two weeks. Each iteration is critiqued by the software team and potential end users and then used to determine the next step in development.

Wire framing: Wire framing, as seen in the previous post using balsamiq, is like a blue print for the screen design process. The process essentially allows you to define the “information hierarchy” of your design layout so that your creative team will better be able to execute it. This method makes it easier to plan the layout according to how the user is intended to process it.

New agency models: as marketers are constantly looking for ways to create new and relevant content, many agencies are turning towards “crowd sourcing” or “co-creation” to stay innovative. Co-creation, for example, allows customers to actively participate in the creation of new ideas. Similarly, crowd sourcing involves tapping into the collective intelligence of the public to complete business related tasks that would otherwise be outsourced to a third party. Essentially these new methods allow companies to expand their capabilities while gaining a better understanding of their customers.

Wireframe for Mobile View

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My Favorite Mobile App: Fashion Kaleidoscope


Average rating in iTunes app store: 4.5 stars

Thanks to the The Fashion Kaleidoscope app for iPhone (my newest addiction) fashion lovers and fashionistas alike can get their hands on the latest styles and trends right at their fingertips. Countless times I’ve been left drooling over a look I’ve seen online or on the runway, with no hope of finding or recreating it. Rest assured, with this new app, all you fashionable people can stop dreaming about your favorite looks and start buying them with a simple click. 

Here’s how it works…Kaleidoscope brings you hundreds of looks from fashion blogs, celebrities, fashion editors, runway shows and street style updated daily, allowing you to browse outfits and save your favorites. 


The beauty of it all? Click on any outfit that catches your eye and you can shop the entire look from head to toe. Opt to “shop the look,” and the app pulls up visually similar items by category and shows you exactly where to find them, most for a fraction of the price. Whether you’re willing to pay for the designer threads or prefer the lower priced alternatives and sale items, recreating your favorite look is a synch. 


Once you’ve specified the clothing category, in this case the jacket, the app pulls up a variety of similar options from various retailers in a wide range of price points. Click on the item of your choosing and voila, you’re taken directly to the website where you can make your purchase. It makes shopping for your favorite clothing, shoes, outerwear, and accessories completely easy and quick. And, if you can’t wait to brag about how stylish you are, you can share your finds on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as well.


The upside: Personally, this app takes the stress out of shopping. Typically I’ll see an outfit I like in a magazine or store window, and then run all around town trying to find something similar. After going uptown in search of the shoes, downtown for the dress, and across town for the bag, I’ve just about had it. This app allows me to virtually shop for not only one piece but an entire outfit with many different alternatives, and I can pick and choose based on my budget. This way, I’m not limited to just one store or brand and I can explore a wide range of fresh styles and trends with just a touch of my iPhone. Now that’s convenient! 

The downside: This app is somewhat limited in its selection and at times doesn’t update the looks as often as one would like. You certainly couldn’t find anything and everything you were looking for. There’s also the chance that whatever you’re trying to buy is no longer in stock on the store’s website. Generally, the app is basic, with few features and no search options; ideally the user would be able to search for outfits based on category (i.e. weekend, daytime, cocktail, black tie, etc.) or style (i.e. vintage, classic, preppy, etc.).

Overall, if you have an eye for style and like hip, trendy fashions with the flexibility of online shopping, this app is definitely worth a try, especially because it’s FREE!